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Keyboards offer a unique way to personalize your workspace.




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The new urban style, open plan facebook campus at Menlo Park, featuring communal brainstorming areas and treadmill stations.
Take a tour of Apple's vast New Headquarters, with spaceship style architecture.
The Tokyo offices for both Google and YouTube bring plenty of whimsical color to what is ultimately a serious work space.
Office interior design pictures of online note taking company Evernote.
There are changes afoot in the professional world and when architects are permitted by their clients to create spaces such as thes...
Google's Tel Aviv offices in Electra Tower are as dynamic and awe-inspiring as each of their other globally-located complex's. The...
Dublin's tallest building houses Google's European, Middle Eastern and African headquarters.
Inside the warehouses of the world's largest ecommerce site.
The chaotically colorful Turkish offices of marketplace giant, eBay.
Award winning architect Frank Gehry visions Facebook's new West Campus Building in Menlo Park
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House with front lawn

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