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Modern Japanese style house with a mature terraced garden design. A two-level home with a unique feature window and traditional Ja...




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A modern home in a minimalist style with traditional Japanese touches; featuring an open air courtyard with tree, growing right at...
Decor inspiration on how to create a minimalist home office or craft room. Tips to create a calming working environment to reduce ...
This modern and inspiring Hiroshima home offers a natural refuge in the midst of the city.
The mismatched minimalism of this Japanese "tree house" create a warm and welcoming haven for a happy couple.
Two apartments that show off the great Japanese way of using negative space and minimalism to create a wow effect.
A huge collection of zen inspired interiors, with a look at how traditional Japanese decor has influenced cool contemporary spaces...
The designs of these Japanese homes favor space and simplicity over furnishing and extravagance.
This Japanese mountain cabin offers retreat by way of different cube variations, resulting in a truly spectacular and creative int...
With an ever-present mind towards space efficiency, this modern Japanese house makes use of every square foot while maintaining a ...
A post covering common aspects involved in designing a Japanese garden. Includes rock gardens, moss gardens, koi fish ponds, japan...


House with front lawn

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