Soccer Decor: Ultimate Inspiration For The Football/Soccer Fan

The quadrennial event that decides the best football (or soccer depending on which part of the world you are from) team on the planet is set to kick off soon. The buzz about the world cup on the web is definitely stronger than it was 4 years ago. The blogosphere is crawling with posts about it, Twitter is and big brands are using the event to their advantage with . In short, football is trending. Designers from every niche are bringing out football related products to woo in their customers and we thought we would put together a list of some season specific items from the decor industry. So here goes…

Is there a chance that someone could be this passionate about the game?

Design by

If you are a power football player with a truckload of trophies you have won which you can’t wait to show off, check out this wall unit from .

Perhaps something a bit more subtle? How about the football pitch rug…

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Or this?



or even a football yoga mat?


Forget the toddler there, that is one cool grass carpet that any football fan would love to have under their feet.


A grass table runner would be a nice touch.


May be light up the room?


Wanna surprise fellow fans while serving drinks? How about serving them beer in this?


Use the football ice maker to create football shaped pellets of ice that will go along with it well.


Football wall decals do not seem out-of-season as well.


One of the geekier options to show off your love for the game with the World Cup USB drive.

If you happen to be a very young football fanatic, you are going to love this football themed room from .

or this one if you are a bit older.


How about some table fooball?

No prizes for guessing what the occupant of this room is crazy about.

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Football Chairs


More football shaped chairs…

And to end with, the football bed. If those footballs serve as rollers, we are officially impressed.

Did we miss out any thing that is worth a feature here? Let us know in the comments.

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