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We have had a few requests asking us to do a post on office meeting rooms. So here is one, finally! We will start off with a few conventional meeting rooms and gradually move into more ‘revolutionary’ ones.

Meeting Room Design by

Office meeting room by

Meeting Room With Wall Art by

Round Table Meeting Room by


Another Round Table Consultation Room by

Meeting Room With an Eastern Touch by

Large Meeting Room by

Illuminated Meeting Room by

Marriottt Hotel Meeting Room, Photo by

The concepts you see above would be the ones you will normally find in majority of the offices world wide. But there have always been people and firms that push the limits. Without them, the world would have been a dull place! So here are ones that think a little different.

A fictional Apple Meeting Room by

Light Meeting Room by

Now here is something quite off tradition. The modern minimalistic bean bag meeting room designed by (Thanks, )

We have always included Google’s offices as among the most creative offices out there, but how cool is this informal meeting room?

When your company produces an energy drink, your offices bet show it. Red Bull’s offices designed by shows this vigour with their meeting room table doubling up as a ping pong table!

Since we are pitching in some wild concepts for office meeting rooms, we thought it best to include this concept from for Bearstech.

According to Paul,

The idea is to reflect Bearstech Company’s innovative and animal image in order to promote the wild and raw aspects of their approach of virtual technology and communicate a feeling of strength.

If you are interested in seeing more creative offices, check out our creative offices post.

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