26 Chairs Made from Recycled Materials

It is chairs, this time! We take a look at some of the most creatively recycled chairs out there. There is no argument that some of these may not be the most comfortable ones to sit on, but there is also no denying the genius of their designers in thinking of new ways to add function to these objects.

First up, a chair made from gun shells! You never really know when they would come in handy!

was dead serious when he said he would make a chair out of gun shells. The ‘Fully Loaded’ chair contains 450 .12 gauge shotgun shells, and are allegedly comfortable.

You have seen the gunshells. How about guns?

Spoons. Now you know what to do with those unwanted hard to recycle cutlery.



And if you happen to have those old wooden playbricks that you used to play with when you were a kid, how about shaping that into a chair?

by []

If you thought the last 2 may not be comfortable to sit on, how about the ? Ouch!

The meltdown chair: No, it’s not the financial one, but we are talking about plumbing tubes. This chair by is made by heating and fusing together common plumbing tubes.

Tom Price has apparently got more up his sleeve.

Chair made from clothes

Chair made from crumpled polypropylene sheets

Chair made from PVC hose

Chair made from rope

Curious how Tom makes these chairs? Check this video out on how he made the above chair:

The screw chair by made from scraps of douglas fir and 3,726 drywall screws.

made from steel scrap.

We are just getting started. People have tried to make chairs from whatever stuff they normally throw away including old CDs…


wine corks…



…old bottles…



…waste plastic..

…old skis…


…street signs…


…old bathtubs…


…aluminium can tabs…

by Designer Carlos Alberto Montana Hoyos []

…plastic bags…


…bicycle tires…


…soda cans(pretty good,no?)…


…and even beer cans.


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